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French Bulldogs Puppies Available

We have worked extremely hard to build a bloodline carrying the best traits in the French Bulldog line. Our colors include Blue , Lilac, pie bald and chocolate, and our pups are well cared for in a family atmosphere. These are the best tempered and most loyal dogs around. To inquire about purchasing one of these puppies, please contact us.

These Puppies are NOT CHEAP so faint at Heart just ADMIRE

ITS NO SURPRISE..WE have the Rarest of Exotic FRENCH Bulldogs including MINI 13 to 17 lbs and Lilac Merles ,Blue Merles. Chocolates. Lilacs. And Exotic Blues and Blue Pied. Puppies Are not always posted on our website so please EMAIL me for More Info. Updates though Emails done daily

AKC Blue
COLOR RAMA , Exotic AKC BLUE Merle , Blue Pied . BLUE Puppies
Blue Litter Available Now & Upcoming
Not all Liters or Puppies are Posted on website Inquire by email for all Information
AKC, DNA, Pedigree,Health Cert.
Storm Magoo (daughter of Mojo)
Princess Sophie & Puppies
Luck Blue Storm Magoo,AKC,DNA,Pedigree,
Puppies ARE HERE AKC,DNA, Pedigree
Look no Further AKC Blue, Blue Merle .. Lilac Merles ..Puppies available. .
AKC Blue , Blue Lilac , Blue Pied , Blue Lilac .. 4 Females 1 Male.
AKC,DNA,Pedigree,Health Cert
AKC, DNA, Pedigree
AKC Blue & Blue Pied ... 5 Females 1 Male.
WE HAVE the AKC Blue Merle, AKC Lilac Merle. AKC Chocolates
AKC,DNA,Pedigree,Health Cert
Email for Info
Email for Info
Available Now & Upcoming
AKC Blue Litter All puppies will be available . Taking Deposits .
AKC Blue Litter EMAIL . topluck@hotmail for day to day updates
AKC, DNA, Pedigree Full Breeding Rights Available.
Follow us on Facebook and Email for Info
Email for Pricing
AKC Blue Puppies: Females
AKC Blue Puppies: Females
Blue Litter
Blue Merle Litter Arrived ................ AKC Blue
AKC,DNA,Pedigree,Health Cert
AKC, DNA, Pedigree,health Cert.